Missing voucher, forgotten itinerary, delayed plane… Next time, use your best friend: your smartphone.

Hotels, connections, itineraries, meeting addresses, vouchers, boarding cards, travel documents… If you’ve forgotten or lost them stress is now a thing of the past. Store a copy on the web: you can then access them from an internet café or your smartphone.
The same goes for your expenses receipts. Save each bill with your smartphone and archive them. Software such as NeatReceipts can be used to store them directly in the Cloud and you can then pick them up from there when you get home.

Save time at the airport
It’s not so easy to find what you’re looking for when time is tight between two planes. An app like FlySmart allows you not only to see all the information on your flight in real-time, but it also gives you a list of the shops and restaurants of more than 60 American and worldwide airports, together with a map.

Find your route
Better than GPS, the free mobile app Waze, which works in several countries and has 20 million users, allows you to build and use live maps, obtain real-time traffic updates and let other road users know about traffic jams, police checks, roadworks, speed cameras, the cheapest service stations, etc.

Source: Inc.