If you travel a lot on business and are fed up with spending time alone between meetings, then we have good news for you: a new social platform called Wombee has been introduced to make exchanges easier between guests staying at the same hotel.

Creating links between travellers

Perhaps you’d like to share a cultural visit with someone, or find a partner for a game of tennis.
Or maybe you’d like someone to have dinner with or simply settle down for a chat over a coffee or a drink… Whatever you want, it would certainly be nice to stop being alone on a business trip from time to time, wouldn’t it? Wombee is there to meet your needs! The aim of this innovative social platform is to put various people staying at the same hotel at the same time in contact with one another. (Lien NL et GB : www.wombee.com/en)

The aim: to make your trip more enjoyable

Based on the principle that travelling only makes real sense if you can share the trip with someone, Wombee has opted to put the latest technological developments to work to promote contacts between people. It’s not a meeting site as such, but a way to facilitate contacts. What do you gain from joining the network? The chance to break the ice more easily between fellow travellers, to share a pleasant time together, talk about your interests, aims and good intentions, etc. In a word, Wombee is a great opportunity to fight boredom or share new experiences.

A service that adds value to your trip

For the people who operate our hotels, this new service – which is provided to guests free of charge – is also a way of injecting new spirit and soul into their establishments, as well as making a difference with their guests.

How does it work?

Simply create your own profile on the www.wombee.com platform. You can then choose the hotel you want from our network of partner hotels and indicate the dates for your stay (you can make bookings via Wombee or directly with the hotel). Once your stay has been validated by the hotel, you can begin discovering – and then meeting – other people who will be staying at the hotel you have chosen at the same time as you. We hope you enjoy Wombee…