A recent survey has underlined the growing demand for connectivity while on business trips, with many business travellers actually choosing their hotel or airline based on whether Wi-Fi is available.

These days, a business traveller not equipped with a smartphone or a laptop/tablet is a rare creature indeed. Whether for work or pleasure, just about everyone carries some sort of device for hooking up to the worldwide web. So it’s hardly surprising that the availability of Wi-Fi has become a key consideration among mobile business folk.

No Wi-Fi? No thank you…

Based on the responses of over 1,700 business travellers worldwide, a recent study by iPass – a world leader in Wi-Fi services and business mobility – reveals that 40% of roving workers rank Wi-Fi at the top of their priorities in everyday life. Yes, that’s ahead of sex (37%), chocolate (14%) and alcohol (9%)! What’s more, 75% of them also stated that Wi-Fi has enhanced their quality of life.

Some other interesting figures: 72% of these peripatetic employees have previously taken the availability of Wi-Fi into account when choosing a hotel, while one in five say they always do. Finally, 35% of the interviewees assert that they have also considered Internet connectivity when choosing an airline.

Connected everywhere, all the time

“Mobile professionals need to remain connected in all circumstances, whether at home, travelling from one client meeting to another, at their hotel or even on flights”, confirms Patricia Hume, iPass Commercial Director. “With a global population of mobile workers exceeding one billion individuals, employers need to be ready to meet their employees’ requirements by providing them with the connectivity they want.” But to ensure a win-win scenario, companies will need to raise awareness among their workers regarding the risks connected with mobile security.