Once again AccorHotels is emphasising its aim to improve the experience of its customers through the use of new technologies… Central to this is its innovative digital service Welcome by Le Club AccorHotels, which provides a welcome that is smoother, more personalised and attentive when you arrive at your hotel.

Fed up with endless waits at reception, annoying formalities, a receptionist who doesn’t even look up from his or her computer…? Well, we have good news for you: at AccorHotels, you can now forget these minor irritations that once made check-in such an unpleasant experience!

A more welcoming welcome

AccorHotels has come up with a digital solution that reinvents the way you are greeted at your hotel… This innovative service enables guests to check in online before they arrive at the hotel. What’s the benefit? By spending less time on administrative formalities, the person behind the reception desk is able to focus on face-to-face contact, becoming more available to help guests, meeting their needs better or simply saving them time when they check in.

What does that mean in practical terms?

This smoother, more personalised welcome is aimed at guests who book their hotel directly through AccorHotels or who have a loyalty card or subscription.

1. 48 hours before arrival: customers receive an invitation to prepare their check-in online.
2. On the day of arrival: guests receive a welcoming text message confirming that their room is ready and their key is waiting for them. This text message also provides practical information designed to make arrival even easier (methods of transport for reaching the hotel, access code for the car park, etc.).
3. On actual arrival at the hotel: the guest’s room key is handed over without the usual tedious formalities. This means the guest is greeted in a more personalised and attentive way.
4. On departure: check-out is quick and oh-so simple… Guests simply drop off their key at reception, without waiting. The bill is then sent to them by e-mail.

This service is currently being rolled out across Accor

Welcome by Le Club AccorHotels is offered by all of the AccorHotels group’s hotel brands and is adjusted to match the personality of specific features of each one. While this service is already available at many hotels, it is gradually being rolled out to the majority of the group’s sites across the world.