IT researchers at the University of California looked into the use of new technologies in hotels by business travellers. The results show that while people do not tend to download content illegally when they are at home, their habits when in a hotel room at the other end of the world are a completely different matter. However internet services in hotels are not reserved exclusively for this, which is good news.

60 % of American business travellers under the age of 30 feel much freer to download content illegally in their hotel rooms on the other side of the planet is a lot easier than in their place of work. It is not surprising, according to a survey carried out by the University of California, that 25% of business travellers, irrespective of their age, download the latest films from their hotel room that they will watch at a later date. While 60 % opt for the very latest film releases, the remaining 40% prefer documentaries, music and erotic films.

However, it is video streaming that takes the biscuit when it comes to the use of the internet or WiFi connections in hotels. Especially among travellers under the age of 30 who like watching films or series live.

24 % of travellers, be they men or women, believe that the internet service in hotel is for looking up useful addresses to visit while they are away. The majority also chat on social networks so that they can organise their evenings. And looking for places where they can pick up shopping bargains is also very popular.

And finally the survey notes that a very large proportion of business travellers spend at least an hour a day working in their hotel rooms and use the WiFi connection to read and write emails, do some research in order to prepare for appointments and manage active files they are working on.

Source : DeplacementsPro