97% of passengers travel with a smartphone, laptop or tablet. And all of these tools are prompting the airlines to offer new services and enhance the experience of travelling.

According to the latest survey by Sita*, 97% of travellers carry a smartphone, tablet or laptop with them when they travel by plane. And one person in every five comes fully loaded with all three devices! One thing is certain: there are plenty of passengers who have already seized on the capabilities offered by these new technologies. For example: 95% of respondents surveyed use websites to organise their trip (comparing prices, booking flights or checking in online) and three-quarters of the owners of smartphones use the mobile apps provided by the airlines.

Travellers want more
While 43% of the passengers surveyed who use a smartphone say that they have already enhanced their travelling experience, the survey reveals that travellers want far more… Top of their wish-list? 57% would like their mobile to help them find their way round the airport better, 53% would like to receive personalised alerts on their device if their flight is delayed, 50% simply want their phone to be scanned to allow them to board. Finally, 77% of those surveyed said they are in favour of using new gadgets (smart watches, intelligent glasses, etc.) to simplify their trip.

Connected, even in-flight
But the demand for connectivity doesn’t stop there! A healthy majority of passengers (56%) would like to have Wi-Fi on board planes to enable them to enjoy their own entertainment. 54% hope they will soon be able to send and receive e-mails. While 45% would use this service to buy food and drink and even make purchases in a virtual duty-free shop. These technological tools will definitely soon become real travelling companions, designed to resolve many of the frustrations associated with travelling.

* 2014 survey conducted with 6,300 passengers at 30 international airports.