The environment is the tourism industry’s key raw material, which is why hotels have an important role to play in sustainable development and the preservation of our planet. Through its PLANET 21 programme, Accor is working on a daily basis to implement concrete actions at each of its hotels and to raise guests’ awareness regarding new environmentally-friendly practices. With some excellent results…

Ninety-five per cent of Accor’s hotels use eco-labelled products; 86% recycle their waste; between 2011 and 2013, they cut their water consumption by 5.2 %; 81% of our hotels buy and promote products sourced from the same country where they are based; 41% are taking part in the “Plant for the Planet” reforestation project… These few figures and many more are the fruit of the PLANET 21 programme launched in 2012 by the Accor Group with the aim of developing its practices in terms of corporate, social and environmental responsibility.

PLANET 21: 21 pledges, 7 pillars, 92 countries

PLANET 21 consists of 21 commitments, based on 7 pillars, adopted by Accor in 92 countries. They include guaranteeing healthier interiors, promoting responsible food choices, reducing water consumption, developing waste recycling, protecting biodiversity but also encouraging eco-design, sustainable buildings, responsible purchasing … The aim: to make the hotel a genuine testing ground for the exploration of new techniques and new ways of living.

Raising guests’ awareness of PLANET 21

And to encourage our guests to get involved in the hotels’ actions, PLANET 21 has adopted an innovative information and motivation programme. From when they reserve, right through to their stay in the room, as well as in the restaurant, guests are exposed to a system of educational, fun and thoughtful notices, designed to invite them to play an active via some simple gestures.

When they book online, for instance, the customer can opt for a certified sustainable hotel. In their room, they’ll be offered eco-labelled products, separate bins for different types of waste, stickers informing them that if they use their towels for more than a day, a tree will be planted …

Lastly, Accor has also launched PLANET 21 Research, a shared knowledge platform on sustainable development in the hotel industry which is open to all, free of charge. Regularly enriched with new studies, research and also analyses of good practices, it is helping to improve the integration of sustainable development by all parties active within the hotel & catering industry.