We already knew about young Web and social network addicts… But a study has confirmed that they are far more inclined than their elders to choose and talk about their holidays on the social networks.

“Never without my smartphone!” This could be the motto of the Millennials, young people born between 1982 and 1999… so it is not surprising that they count on the Web to find all the information they need to prepare their trips! According to a Future Foundation study*, they use social networks and other blogs more than their elders to choose their holidays.

Choosing their destination

42 % of the young people questioned thus said that the photos posted on social networks by their friends influence their choice of destination (compared with 16% of baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1960). Young people do not hesitate to multiply the sources of information than older generations, in order to get an idea: the social networks, but also forums, blogs of experts, family, friends, travel agencies, etc. According to the study, in spite of their desire for adventure, Millennials are more concerned about their safety abroad than other age brackets – a fear that could notably explain the enhanced need to diversify and verify information             from all directions.

Sharing one’s experience

In a rather logical manner, the study informs us that young people in turn like to share their travels with other Internet surfers. 56% of Millennials have thus posted a photo or a video on the social networks during their holidays (compared with 32 % of non-Millennials). And 40% of international travellers confess that they wish to resemble more the idealised version they give of themselves on the social networks. Even more revealing of our current society, a trip does not seem to have any value unless it is known and recognised. The study thus reveals that for 43% of Millennials, the fact that people comment on their photos is as much or more important than the fact of experiencing the authentic culture of their holiday destination (compared with 16% of baby boomers)!

*Study conducted among 1000 surfers aged 18 to 64 in 8 countries, March 2016.