The tourism sector is increasingly experimenting with a new way of engaging with its clients and attracting new ones, but also of increasing existing clients’ awareness concerning safety when abroad on business. And central to this strategy is “gamification”, i.e. getting messages across in a fun way via video games. Here we focus on two serious games from the sector: Mister Travel and Bubble Game.

It’s what’s known as the principle of precaution. Businesses are anticipating the risks to which their employees can be exposed on trips abroad. Because whether you like it or not, it’s not uncommon for business travellers to find themselves in tricky, risky or even dangerous situations abroad.

And now a video game allows your staff to be prepared for some of the situations which they might encounter: Mr Travel. Available in seven languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic), its premise is a simple one: Mr Travel visits seven civilisations, where he is faced with various risky situations – 100 different risks can be encountered. In each one, it’s up to him to adopt the best solution for ensuring that his trip passes off without problems. Because he or she will be making their own choices and their own mistakes, the player will learn the right reactions and the pitfalls to be avoided during their upcoming trips. It’s so much more fun than purely theoretical training!

On another level, serious games are also being used by tourism industry players to introduce their establishments, services and activities. Take, for instance, the “Bubble Game” from Novotel, released in France just over two years ago. The pitch? A dynamic young executive (in 3D) moves through a Novotel hotel, from the lobby to the rooms by way of the gym, the restaurant and the swimming pool, picking up as many energy bubbles as possible on route. It’s an original way of showcasing the brand’s hotels before clients actually go there!