Last June, Novotel introduced an innovative new digital concierge service in the form of a touchscreen, located in the lobbies of its hotels. A restaurant not far from the hotel, an exhibition not to be missed, the departure time for your next flight, etc. – there’s an answer to every enquiry. This virtual concierge has also been available since 16th February as a mobile app, taking its place on clients’ smartphones.

When it comes to offering innovative services to its guests, Novotel is always one step ahead. Back in 2008, the brand launched Novotel Web Corner on a Mac.

The following year, it installed an Xbox videogame terminal with free access in almost 300 hotels in Europe, before springing a further surprise in 2011 with Novotel Kinect Tour.

Last year, all Novotel suites around the world were fitted with Xbox 360 consoles, then a virtual concierge service using a touchscreen was introduced to the hotel’s lobbies.

Guests can use this touchscreen to browse and find out information associated with the brand, the hotel and its immediate surroundings, such as recommendations for restaurants and museums, as well as practical information including the weather and flight times. Other innovative services are also available, such as sending virtual postcards.

A tremendous success with clients, this innovation is now available as a free mobile application for iPhone and Android. Available since 16th February, the concierge service is now virtual as well as mobile. Why don’t you come and discover it for yourself when you stay at the brand-new Novotel Brussels Midi Station ?

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