No more running breathlessly to catch a connection. Goodbye to having your arms stretched by overloaded bags. From now on, you simply need to straddle your suitcase in order to travel along those lengthy airport corridors, without tiring yourself out! Welcome to Modobag, the world’s first motorised suitcase.

The technological revolution is at full throttle… So after wheeled suitcases, now comes the rideable case! Modobag is the very first motorised suitcase. Not content with carrying your things, it can also carry you on its “back”, in the style of a little scooter. This allows you to get about up to three times faster than by foot.

Packed full of features

To start riding this improbable vehicle, you just pull out the telescopic handlebars and the retractable footrests, get on… and off you go. The Modobag boasts a 150-watt electric motor that enables it to reach a top speed of 13 km per hour! Its batteries charge in under an hour and provide enough power for around 10 km. And what about extras? Two mobile phones can be placed in the handy lateral storage pockets while being charged via the control panel’s pair of USB ports. Finally, the case is connected and therefore geo-locatable in the event of loss or theft. Another advantage is that due to the Modobag’s compact dimensions, it is permitted as hand luggage.

On the market soon

The Modobag is certainly both practical and innovative, but surely there are downsides? Well, not caring about being stared at is essential… And to avoid exceeding permitted weight limits, it’s also important to be careful not to overload the interior, as it already weighs 8kg. Finally, you’ll also need deep pockets, with the case on advance sale for 1,000 dollars and expected to then be sold for around 1,300 dollars. To be worth the investment then, you’ll probably need to be a regular traveller… In any case (excuse the pun!), the project – being funded via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo – seems destined for great success, with the start-up having already garnmered over 300,000 dollars instead of the 50,000 initially targeted! But if you’re keen to get your hands on one, you’ll have to wait until early 2017, when the first deliveries are scheduled.