The Sweet Bed by ibisTM offers absolute comfort and, to prove it to the world, ibis has dreamt up the supreme test: getting an adventurer to sleep on a Sweet Bed by ibisTM in a location where no one has ever succeeded in sleeping, the summit of Mount Roraima, at the heart of the Amazon Jungle. It’s a genuine torture test that can be experienced as if you were there, courtesy of a totally new digital experience.

Aaron Chervenak is an adventurer and therefore a little mad. He simply can’t get enough of hostile and inaccessible places, but he willingly concedes that getting a good night’s kip in such locations is far from easy. But that’s clearly because he never takes along a Sweet Bed by ibisTM… It’s impossible not to sleep in this bed, wherever you are. So to prove it, ibis set Aaron Chervenak a challenge: to take a Sweet Bed by ibisTM to the top of the summit of Mount Roraima in Brazil and… to sleep there.

You can experience this expedition full of twists and turns, obstacles and surprises – taking a bed to a near-inaccessible location is not exactly straightforward –via an absorbing and innovative website:

There are 360 degree views, aerial cameras, hidden content, reactions from the expedition members, whose Twitter and Instagram accounts are integrated with the site… everything’s been put in place to allow you to experience the adventure up close and personal.

With its simultaneous human and digital dimensions, this experience has been conceived and created with the aim of being boldly and resolutely modern in taking ibis somewhere no one ever expected, but it also serves to demonstrate that the promise made to our customers – “Now, the best place to sleep is everywhere”, is entirely genuine.

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