Are business trips a new source of motivation for employees? According to a recent survey, 30% of business travellers say they would be prepared to accept a lower salary in exchange for more frequent business trips.

Business trips… A real drag? An unavoidable waste of time? Not at all! According to a recent survey, a significant proportion of business travellers see their trips as a great opportunity to broaden their horizons, look for fresh inspiration and progress in their career. In fact, 30% of those questioned said they were ready to accept a less well-paid job if it enabled them to travel more. These are figures that are likely to make companies think carefully… If they want to motivate and retain their staff, they should start taking these new travelling considerations into account.

“Bleisure” in fashion 

Another interesting fact highlighted by the survey: bleisure. Combining the words “business” and “leisure”, “bleisure” expresses the trend towards mixing the corporate world and personal enjoyment when travelling on business. The survey shows that in 2016, 49% of business travellers took advantage of their trip for the company to extend their stay and enjoy a few days of personal holiday. This trend appears to be taking hold, because 27% of respondents say they intend to do the same again in 2017, while 46% envisage travelling more as part of their job this year.

New destinations in fashion

While London, Paris and Frankfurt are still attracting as many business travellers as before, other cities saw appreciable increases in bookings in 2016 and appear to becoming increasingly popular. Which are these new business destinations? In order, they are: Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Guangzhou, New York, Budapest, Singapore, Hong Kong, Prague and Amsterdam. All cities that will certainly be encouraging the new generation of business travellers to spend a few days of their leave to explore the treasures they have to offer…