“The early bird captures the worm”, so they say, but is starting the day at the crack of dawn really the key to optimising productivity? Many successful company bosses are devotees of this common dictum, but what’s the best way to actually put it into practice?

What do Virgin boss Richard Branson, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Apple CEO Tim Cook all have in common? Three words: getting up early… not to say very early… i.e. between 4 and 6 a.m.! According to American guru Hal Elrod – who’s creating a buzz with his book “The Miracle Morning” – this characteristic is actually one of the secrets of their success, as being up with the lark apparently makes us more efficient and happier. 

Making good use of the time gained

So does rising early really give you a chance to do more with your day? Well there are no children crying, no noisy neighbours, no deafening cacophony of car horns, no phones ringing incessantly… The early hours of the morning are agreeably tranquil. Each of us can use this extra time in the way that best suits us, either to do something we enjoy (read, meditate, exercise, etc.), or to get a head start on the working day (checking your e-mails, clarify your objectives, etc.).

3 tips for becoming an early bird

  1. Give yourself a good reason to get up

You should start the day by doing something you especially like, such as having a romantic breakfast with your partner, reading the paper peacefully over a nice coffee… The idea is to make your daily awakening a reward, not an ordeal.

  1. Prepare your things the night before

The more tasks you have to do in the morning, the more you can sometimes feel like you’ve got a huge mountain to climb! How can this be avoided? Choose your clothes the night before, prepare your files, set the coffee machine for a few minutes before you rise, etc. etc.

  1. Place your alarm clock far away from your bed

When your alarm starts ringing, you’ll be forced to get up to switch it off. As you’ll then be on your feet, you might as well head straight for the shower! And why not set your alarm to wake you with uplifting music rather than just a strident and unpleasant beep.

Good morning!