Last month, we were explaining to you about how you can protect your digital life when you’re travelling. And one of these solutions involves the cloud. For the past few weeks, accessing all of your business documents in total security when you’re on the other side of the world has become possible thanks to the new Business version of Dropbox. So we’re going to tell you all about the features that this new version has to offer.

With the development of BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”), more and more employees are preferring to use their own terminal. This may create a saving for the company, but it often involves a compromise in terms of the security of business data. “Dropbox for Business” is designed to facilitate the management, sharing and sensitive nature of hosted data.

In addition to having access to the previous versions of a file (by using the version history), employees can now share documents without using their electronic mail, directly from Dropbox (desktop computer, tablet or smartphone). The encoding of data creates a secure tunnel for transfers. In addition to the password, Dropbox adds an extra layer of security by sending a code by single-use SMS.

If a computer is lost or an employee leaves the company, the contents of an individual account can be deleted from the office: Dropbox for Business is administered remotely by the company. Employees can also split their account into two separate disks: one for business data and the other for personal data (that can’t be accessed by the company).

The Dropbox for Business offer is set at $15 per person (minimum of 5), or approximately €11. Storage begins with a very comfortable 1 Tb, but can be expanded if necessary. Dropbox has published a whitepaper to explain its new offering and the processes it uses to keep exchanges secure. Download the whitepaper free of charge here.