Feeling stressed by that report you’ve got to complete before you reach your destination? Worried about arriving late for your meeting? Irritated by the noise other passengers are making? It’s a well-known fact: music soothes the troubled brow… So here are a few tips for creating the perfect playlist for making that business trip more enjoyable.

Whether you’re travelling by train or flying, the journey is not always a pleasant part of a business trip… According to a recent survey*, 27% of travellers claim they never manage to relax totally during the journey, 23% complain of never switching off entirely before important meetings and 39% find the noise that other passengers make irritating. On the flipside, though, 66% say that music helps them to relax.

The virtues of music

Music… definitely one of the possible solutions for enhancing your travelling experience. In fact, scientific research has proved that music can bring about a genuine biological change to the body: music regulates your heart rate, reduces pressure in your arteries and releases feel-good dopamine… Capable of governing our moods, music is able both to calm us down or give us the stimulation we need. Based on this theory, Eurostar and Sony recently joined forces to try out the first Sound Menu. The Sound Menu features 5 different playlists geared to the aims of passengers and designed to let them make the most of their time on board. To immerse yourself in the type of music that best suits your needs, follow the advice of the specialist who designed these playlists, Dr Alexandra Lamont, professor of music psychology at Keele University.

Choosing the right music

  • To help you focus on your work: choose music that has a medium-paced and fast beat, with the volume quite high and little variation in the tone.
  • To psych yourself up for a long day ahead: opt for something fast, with lots of treble tones and featuring tunes and beats that work towards a crescendo.
  • To be in the moment and refocus: go for slow bass notes with a simple tempo, “inspiring” music with a gentle rhythm and with some natural sounds.
  • To make the most of the journey: choose slow music interspersed with fast passages and accompanied by orchestral movements and sounds in the background.
  • To relax after a long day: you can’t beat slow bass tones and calming music.

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*Survey conducted in the United Kingdom by One Poll for Sony among 2,000 respondents in April 2017.