Whether it’s for planning a meeting (including one with colleagues located in all four corners of the world), drawing up an agenda, sharing presentations or simply reminding yourself who said what or who needs to do what, mobile apps can come in very handy. We’ve picked out four of the best for you.

TimePal (iOS)
You need to schedule a conference call with a sales rep in Hong Kong, a prospect in Montreal and yourself at HQ in Brussels. Finding a time slot to suit everyone can often be a bit tricky, but not with TimePal. Synchronised with your iPhone’s agenda, this app compares the local time to the times in the cities which you’ve entered, thereby avoiding any tricky hour conversions. Each party then receives a notification indicating the time of the meeting in their own zone. TimePal, which exists in both Pro and free versions, also checks that the chosen day is not a public holiday in any of the locations.

Showpad (iOS, Android)
In order to be sure that everyone has the latest version of the commercial presentations or documents required for any meeting, this Belgian-made app is ideal. Your content is managed centrally and then pushed to the team members’ various devices (tablets, smartphones). The one downside of Showpad? Its price: €19 per month and per user.

Agenda maker (iOS, Android)
With Agenda maker, you can easily produce an agenda for your meetings, comment on each point, sort them, delete them and specify the time to be devoted to each one. The app also manages all updates. Once the agenda’s been produced, you can distribute it by e-mail, in pdf or html format. This app exists in iOS and Android versions.

Meeting Pad (iOS)
Meeting Pad is the perfect tool for ensuring that you never again forget what was said at a meeting. You enter the names of the participants or import them directly from your contacts. You then add notes on who said what or specify what task was assigned to who at the end of the meeting. The app also allows you to record the meeting, automatically create its minutes and then send them to the participants by e-mail.

And when it comes to planning all your business travel activities, Accor’s “Away on Business” app for the iPad will simplify a host of tasks for you. Download it now!

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