Whether it’s a short delay or an unending hiatus between connections, rather than spend the time sitting there counting the minutes and hours, why not turn this forced wait into more of a fun time? If you are searching for inspiration, here are 6 ideas that will help you not to die of boredom at the airport.

If you have a 2-hour stopover

1. Indulge yourself in the duty-free shops
Nothing original about that, of course, but you can save plenty of money because tax-free products are VAT-exempt. Perfume, wines and spirits, little gifts for your nearest and dearest, those last-minute postcard, etc. Whatever it is, we promise the time will simply fly by like lightning.

2. Let yourself be pampered, without being embarrassed
Do you usually have problems finding the time to go to the hairdresser or beautician? A stopover is the ideal time to take advantage of the facilities in the terminal. Many international airports have a spa or beauty parlour. The choice is yours: a relaxing massage, depilation, manicure, facial…

If you have a 4-hour stopover

3. Discover the unsuspected pleasures of the airport
Take a cooling dip in the swimming pool at Changi (Singapore), go skating at Incheon (South Korea), play mini-golf in Munich, visit the museum or library at Schiphol (Amsterdam) and so on. International airports have some amazing things to do. To find out more, read The Guide to Sleeping in Airports.

4. Treat yourself to the VIP lounge
Some private lounges have recently opened their doors to passengers travelling in economy (entry costs between 15 € and 30 €). You’ll find comfortable armchairs, self-service refreshments, Internet access, television, etc. A great option for escaping the crowded transit lounges! A number of sites offer passes to access these lounges, as well as the airport where these passes can be used: Loungepass, Priority Pass or Go Simply.

If your stopover is for 6 hours or more

5. Go and rest in one of our hotels
Trying to catch up on your sleep on hard chairs with even harder armrests is no fun… To enjoy a restorative sleep, you should opt for Accor’s “Day-Use” concept, which enables you to book a room for the day or even for a few hours at one of our hotels located close to airports. You can also enjoy our relaxation areas, swimming pools and spas. Or prepare at ease for the business meetings you are travelling to.

6. Take an express tour of the city
Tourist agencies offer guided tours from some airports. Which is great for getting a breath of fresh air and soaking up the local atmosphere for a few hours. If you prefer to go on your own, remember to allow plenty of time to get back to the airport, so you don’t miss your flight!