The Gallup Organization quizzed over 25 million workers across the world on their motivation at work. What did they discover? That the majority are not committed, which is worrying when one considers that companies whose employees have a low level of commitment can see their profits slump by over 30%, whereas conversely, a company with motivated staff is likely to see a 20% rise in its results over an equivalent period! So do you know how motivated your staff are?

According to Eric Chester, an expert in Talent Management, no state-of-the-art survey is required to ascertain the motivation of your staff. They simply need to be asked these 6 questions face to face:

1. Before starting work for us, you must have imagined your job in a certain way. Do you still see things the same way now?

2. Imagine it’s your birthday next week… You’d like one or two things about your job to be changed. What would they be?

3. When friends or family ask you what you do at work, what adjectives do you use to describe your duties?

4. Do you feel you’re using all of your skills and ability in your job? What could you do that you’re not doing already?

5. During a company open day, a student asks you if this work is well paid and if it allows you to have a comfortable lifestyle. What do you tell them?

6. It’s important for us to make a profit but it’s also important to help others when we can. How do you think we act in this regard and what else would you do?

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