Choosing which items to include in your travel bag can be a real headache sometimes! But if you take our advice, lugging heavy, bulky suitcases around station concourses and airport corridors will become a thing of the past!

Choose your case carefully
There’s no denying that hard-shell suitcases are strong and elegant… but they’re also heavier. If travelling light is your priority, opt for a soft case made from a highly resistant textile such as ballistic nylon. And to protect your back and shoulders, don’t forget the wheeled and telescopic traction handle options!

Use product mini-versions
Shampoo, shower gel, after-shave, toothpaste… Many brands offer hygiene and beauty products in miniature formats, or you can easily buy small empty bottles from any hardware store and fill them with your favourite products. They will be much easier and lighter to transport than the original containers! But anyway, there’s no need to take your whole bathroom with you, as your hotel will provide most basic bathroom items.

Don’t bring bright-coloured clothing
Whether black, grey or beige, it’s best to bring only neutral clothing, or at least matching colours. The logic here is faultless: when everything goes with everything, there’s no need to take up space with specific accessories.

Wear your bulkiest items while traveling
Going by air? To free up space in your suitcase and avoid exceeding luggage limits, remember to wear your heaviest clothing on route, such as big boots, leather jacket, etc.

Try “travel caching”
If you repeatedly use the same hotel when on business travel, why not arrange to leave a case there containing all essential items (suit, washbag, etc.)? It’s the ultra-practical solution for hands-free travel!