In their efforts to make work more comfortable, increase productivity and also strengthen team cohesion, companies are outdoing one another in terms of imagination and creativity! Here we focus on a trio of original trends.

Intermittent fasting

Certain studies have shown that fasting for short periods can be beneficial to the health. Or at least that’s the firm belief of Californian start-up Nootrobox, which creates medicines designed to stimulate the brain and improve cognitive functions. Its bosses have been encouraging – but not forcing – their employees to fast from Monday evening through to Wednesday morning, i.e. for 36 hours (tea, water and coffee are permitted). After then assessing their mood, physical condition and efficiency using productivity measurement apps, they have concluded that Tuesday has become the most productive day of the week!

Before Work

The early bird catches the worm, so they say. But a new concept that originated in London (and which is catching on fast in all of the world’s capitals) might be said to be taking this to extremes… “Before Work” involves starting your day by going dancing and having fun. Yes, before you even go to work! It consists of a Swedish gym session to warm up slowly, a DJ spinning tunes to get you grooving energetically, a nice breakfast, plus smoothies and coffee in place of alcohol. Basically then, it’s a cocktail of vitamins and positive energy designed to kick-start your working day with a smile.

Face masks at the office

Among the many slightly strange ideas, here’s that of a Chinese office rental company. Being in the habit of holding a monthly day of relaxation at work, it hit upon the concept of “No Face Day”. What does it involve? The employees – from security guards through receptionists right up to managers – have the right to wear a mask on their face so that they don’t have to worry about their facial expressions. Free from having to “look chirpy” for their colleagues or clients, the pressure on them is lessened.