So you’re off on a business trip: what could be more routine? Well, this time, your boss is going with you… So it’s a good chance to be appreciated in a new light, provided you avoid any slip-ups! Here are some friendly tips for a trouble-free trip.

1. Plan ahead
If you’re to showcase your skills, good advance preparation is essential. First of all, find out about the trip’s business side: clarify the aims and issues for the company, be aware of exactly what your boss expects of you and obtain or produce the precise schedule… Then, casually, try to garner a little info on your boss’s habits: do they like to work during flights? What’s their restaurant of choice? What are their hobbies and interests…?

2. Don’t overdo it
You want to make a good impression, of course, but that doesn’t mean you should be a subservient ‘yes man’: be subtle and avoid excessive flattery. Fall in line with the rhythm set by your boss, but without sticking to them like glue and while maintaining your personality. And be careful: you shouldn’t put them on a pedestal, but you shouldn’t overshadow them either! Yes, you might know the country and the clients better than your boss, but it’s still advisable to give them space and respect the official pecking order.

3. Exercise discretion
Clearly, it all depends on your boss’s personality and the corporate culture, but travelling with someone usually gives rise to a degree of intimacy: we see another side to each other, share different experiences, and forge new bonds… That’s all well and good, but you should bear in mind that business is business: you’re there in a professional and not a personal setting. So be careful not to reveal inappropriate details about your private life which you might later regret. And above all, on returning to the office, keep any disclosures made by your boss to yourself.